About the Award

Welcome to the Young Chef of The Year Award, an innovative award making a difference to children and their families, with over 4,000 children across the UK and Ireland completing the challenge to date.

This award is for Year 5 or 6 pupils (ages 9-11) written by teachers for teachers, which covers the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for ‘Cooking and Nutrition’, the new statutory Relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education Curriculum (2020/21) and other curriculum areas such as English, Science, Maths, Geography, ICT and Art and Design.

It also links to Ofsted’s new Common Inspection Framework by ‘Creating a culture and ethos of healthy eating’ (2022) as it supports pupils to gain knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy and make informed decisions about healthy eating.

The award contains 6 lessons that can be delivered during an enrichment week, weekly or across a school year with pupils designing and creating a ‘Meal for their Hero’. The meal includes a soup, main course, dessert and drink within a £10 budget. Children learn chef skills, seasonality, cooking methods, food hygiene and safety, where food comes from and the importance of food for health. It provides an opportunity to link with local Secondary schools, which also supports pupil transition.

The award is also supported by the College of Medicine and Integrated Health and accredited by the Nutritional Therapy Education Commission.

Please take a look at our 2019/2020 Impact Report: UK and Ireland.

“I’ve loved it every moment”

George Hill, Finalist from Shakespeare School


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Improve health, nutrition education and wellbeing

What's Included

Everything you need to deliver the award in your school including a scheme of work, assessment criteria, resource checklist, exemplar letter to parents, detailed lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, chef and nutrition videos, web links, recipe cards, printed pupil journals, teacher exemplar journal, copy of The Food Teacher™ award-winning No Kitchen Cookery for Primary Schools and ‘Now we’re cooking! Delivering the National Curriculum through Food’, posters and pupil certificates. Equipment packs are also available.

Video Example

katharine tate the food teacher

Coordinating the award programme and resources is founder and director of The Food Teacher™, Katharine Tate, a multi award winning nutritional therapist, author and teacher, “Teaching children the importance of food for their health is essential and this challenge provides that opportunity within a purposeful and engaging context.” Katharine and her team of qualified teachers piloted the award with 7 primary schools (450+ pupils) in Fleetwood, Lancashire in 2017. 100% of those schools rated the award ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’. Following the pilot more schools and areas have delivered the award with great success.

“This award is such a fantastic way of engaging children and the community. The standard of the award and the pupil outcomes were truly impressive. It’s about raising children’s aspirations, opening their minds to new experiences and to new possibilities. Being a judge at our final was one of the most rewarding experiences of my medical career and I’m already looking forward to next year!”

Dr. Mark Spencer (GP, Fleetwood Lancashire)
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“Food is my passion and has given me many opportunities in life. This award is inspirational for both children and their families, and could unearth the next generation of chefs.”

Chef Harry Lomas (MBE BEM FIH)
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